Monday, 22 October 2007

Sex and fear after hysterectomy

Wow - what a night! Yes I know the book ended when Granny Moira phoned from Australia in the early hours of Sunday morning, but what I didn't say anything about was the fantastic time we'd had earlier.

It was quite a shock when Ann whispered that sentence in my ear I can tell you! She had that naughty look in her eye and as she gently led me by the hand upstairs, I suddenly experienced an equal mix of anticipation and trepidation. I had absolutely no idea what to do.

As she unpinned her long hair and let it cascade down around her shoulders, she gave it shake and my brain disappeared into my trousers. Slowly, so slowly she inched down the zip on her dress, never taking her eyes off me. I was transfixed; couldn't believe this was happening.

Ann had definitely bought new underwear; my recent washing experiences told me that. She'd never worn French knickers before and the matching bra was doing me a power of good at the same time as giving her a fantastic cleavage. She obviously had no intention of taking either of them off.

"Shall I give you a hand with those buttons?" she sexily asked the wide eyed drooling idiot who'd just replaced the top sanitary ware sales executive.
"S'alright" slobbered the drooling idiot as his trousers defeated him and sent him smashing into the wall causing no pain whatsoever.
"Here; let me help with those" she whispered huskily as she encouraged the slow decent of the idiots underpants until she suddenly exclaimed in a fearful voice, "Oh Pete; you will be gentle with me, won't you?"
It wasn't quite what the idiot had in mind but heard himself answering uneasily, "Of course Pumpkin: I'll be as careful as I can."
The idiot stood there naked as nature intended.
"Oh Pete, I don't know if I can manage all that," she whispered in awe, and thereby compounded the problem by at least another inch.

The vision of loveliness led the gibbering idiot to the bed, and although she kissed him deeply, he was still a frog. By looking into the limpid depths of his eyes, she could tell he was gagging for it. Submissively tendering her final plea, she asked "Would it be alright if I sat on top of you?"

Got to go; my tea's ready.

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